Charter schools and chartering have been under attack consistently since their inception in the early 90's. Over the past few decades, as the number of charter schools have grown and as results from many high-performing charters have proved the efficacy of the chartering model, support for chartering has also grown across political lines. In fact, each of the past three presidential administrations has worked aggressively to both strengthen and grow the movement, recognizing that providing high quality education choice through chartering is vital in many of our most challenged communities.


Unfortunately, over the past year, a number of the leading Democratic candidates for President have fully embraced an anti-charter stance, despite the fact that recent polls continue to show that Black and Brown educators and working-class and low-income families of color overwhelmingly support charter schools. It is clear that the education policy agenda currently being set for the eventual Democratic nominee may not be in the interest of all children and families, specifically Black and Brown families. This is particularly troubling in that many of education leaders of color within the charter movement strongly support the vast majority of the policy platforms being developed within the party.